[Past Release] 2nd Album: 31Wonderland

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[Past Release] 2nd Album: 31Wonderland

Posted on Thu Aug 25, 2016 7:55 pm

Silent Siren released their second studio album titled 31Wonderland on February 12, 2014. If you want to discuss their second album, you're free to do so in this topic~!


Release Date: February 12, 2014

Catalog Number: MUCD-1293

Track List:
1. 31Entrance
2. Ring Ring Ring
3. ビーサン (Bisan)
4. 「Are you Ready?」
5. Love Fighter!
6. アンチノミー (Antinomy)
7. Delay
8. I x U
9. Limited
10. マイルストーン (Milestone)
11. 雨降りフリル (Amefuri Frill)
12. ぐるぐるワンダーランド (Guruguru Wonderland)

DVD Track List:
1. Bisan Music Video
2. I x U Music Video
3. Guruguru Wonderland Music Video
4. Silent Siren Document「First Birthday」

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