United States Fans

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United States Fans

Posted on Thu Oct 06, 2016 8:07 pm

Hello~! I love you There is a thread for California fans but there's some of us in less populated States. I thought it would be good for U.S fans to have a general thread for the less States that aren't New York and California haha. Razz Don't worry, you guys are still welcome to post as well.  Wink

I'm native to California myself but I'm currently in New Mexico (read NEW Mexico please Razz) for work and (hopefully) school~! I love you It's highly doubtful that I'll find another fan in New Mexico but always worth a try. Wink I'm near Santa Rosa but I'm hoping to move down to Albuquerque later in the year for school.

Please feel free to post if you're living in the U.S or coming to visit~! You may find new people to hang out around. c:

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