General Discussion Rules

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General Discussion Rules

Posted on Fri Aug 26, 2016 9:40 am

Before posting in the General Discussion forum, please give the rules a quick to make sure that your future posts and/or threads are abiding by the rules. Thank you~!

1. All posts in General Discussion must follow forum rules. Ignorance of the forum rules is not an exception. Remember to give them a look before posting.

2. Copy and paste is considered spam. Please do not post copy and paste tests such as questionnaires and the like. Copy and paste will be considered spam. Please start discussions about topics you wish to speak of and not post copied questionnaires. Thank you.

3. Political discussions are allowed. Discussions on sensitive topics such as politics are allowed. However, they must be kept civil. If members begin harassing one another, the thread will be locked and deleted. We want all discussions kept civil. If you cannot discuss something civilly and maturely, please don't discuss it. Thank you.

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