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Forum Rules

Posted on Wed Aug 24, 2016 7:59 pm

Welcome to Saisai Sekai!

This is the first international forum for Silent Siren. The staff for Saisai Sekai is very happy to have everyone on the forum with us! Before posting, however, please read the following rules. Ignorance of the rules in not an exception.

Saisai Sekai Forum Rules

1. Respect all members of the forum. We do not want any harassment, bashing, or flaming of another member on this forum. Any posts that are caught bashing another user will be warned. Repeated warnings will result in a ban. Remember that everyone on this forum is entitled to their own opinion. Show respect to each other. If you see someone bashing yourself and/or another user, please feel free to message an admin directly.

2. No bashing Silent Siren and other other artists. This is a fan forum for Silent Siren. Obviously, it means we will not tolerate any bashing nor mocking of the band. Furthermore, we do not want bashing of other artists either. Please keep all comments towards the band and other artists respectful.

3. Saisai Sekai supports anti-piracy. Official stuff such as DVDs and photobooks are NOT allowed to be posted on this forum. This is due to legality issues of allowing such things. Any posts with official stuffs will be deleted. Please support the band and buy their merchandise.

4. Show proper decorum. This site should be kept PG-13. Please keep the foul language to a minimum.

5. Keep on topic and do not spam. Please keep threads on topic. If a thread is going off-topic, a staff member will post an appropriate warning to get back on-topic.

6. Don't spam emojis. If your post contains just an emoji, it will be considered spam. Please don't overload your posts with emojis either.

7. Always include sources. Plagiarism and theft will not be allowed on the forum. Furthermore, please ask an artist if you may use their graphic BEFORE using it. This includes art posted on Saisai Sekai by the artist.

8. English only. Saisai Sekai is an international forum. Due to this, please speak English only. If you speak another language, provide a translation for it please or it will be deleted. Don't criticize members for their English. Everyone is trying their best so be kind to each other.

The staff reserve the right to alter or add rules at any time.

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